24 hrs Spine and Brain MRI CT scan near Shimla Bilaspur Nahan Sirmour

Press Release



December 22, 2018

Apex diagnostic center, focused on high quality and accuracy in medical imaging has been providing 24 hrs spine and brain MRI, CT scan near Shimla, Bilaspur, Nahan, Sirmour and other places in Himachal Pradesh. The patient care, diagnosis and imaging techniques are believed to be of latest technology. The centre assists patients with advanced facilities and accurate results. The centre has been committed to cutting-edge technology in MRI and CT scan for the whole body. The demand for the better quality in MRI and CT scan of brain and spine has been increasing in the hospitals in Shimla, Nahan, Bilaspur and the interiors of Sirmour. The Apex Diagnostic Centre is located in Solan and assists patients from Shimla, Bilaspur, Nahan and Sirmour. The organisation also has ambulance and emergency facilities available 24 hrs a day. The tests here are reported to have been highly functional for spine and brain MRI and CT scan. The accuracy in the results has significantly brought down the cost of medical diagnosis among patients.

The MRI tests for brain and spine are the supreme types of medical imaging. Their results are very helpful in identifying both the chronic and traumatic ailments. Apex is stated by far the most trusted agency for these tests. Apart from the MRI and CT scan of the brain and spine, the organisation also performs other tests including lab tests, blood tests, ultrasound and X-ray. They are stated to have 1.5 Tesla MRI, CT scan. X-ray, OPG, Doppler ultrasound, 3D, 4D, ultrasound, echocardiography, blood tests, sugar test, tests for liver function, urine, renal function, lipid profile, thyroid, hormones, blood serum tests, cell function and every type of other medical tests. The whole body preventive check-ups and problem specific packages are also provided such as for Diabetes, Arthritis and Cardiac patients. The services provided here are believed to be helping patients from different regions of Himachal Pradesh, especially patients looking for 24 hrs. MRI in Shimla. You can always take prior appointments.

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